Dallas, TX

D’Juan Woods

D’Juan owner and trainer at Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp.

A 2006 graduate of OSU where he lead the team to 4 bowl championship appearances and finished MVP with American Honors. When he graduated from OSU he ranked 3rd all time leading wide receiver. In 2007, D’Juan was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars, where he played 2 seasons under Jack Del Rio. Two years later, Woods, was traded to the New Orleans Saints, and won the Super Bowl XLIV.

D’Juan’s NFL career was cut short due to a severe spinal cord injury, that almost left him paralyzed from the neck down. After recovering D’Juan knew he had to use his passion for athletics and competition to help others. D’Juan studied kinesiology and is now a certified personal trainer and owner at Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp. In addition to Ultimate Athlete Bootcamp, D’Juan trains a variety of private clients, from celebrities, to kids wanting to become the best football player and/or version of themselves. He also teaches group fitness classes, bootcamps, and youth football camps throughout the U.S.