Nashville, TN


Groot PR is a global boutique agency that is focused on Public Relations & Client Development. Our boutique agency thrives on being a small business whilst working with both small and large-scale clients. We represent a wide roster of clients worldwide, from musical artists, influencers, to professional athletes, and niche creative brands.

With our international expertise and network, Groot PR successfully works hand-in-hand with large and small-scale media outlets in order to optimize authentic growth for our clients. We specialize in identifying our clients’s needs and are able to cater and pair our clients with the right publications to optimize their brand vision and overall goals.

We excel in crafting buzz one headline at a time. Now is your time to shine with our expertise!

We know PR can be scary to navigate. But Groot PR is here to help! We have several packages and À LA Carte options you can choose from.

Founded by Romina Groot in June 2021, in Dallas TX.